Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beatrice Shrug

The Beatrice Shrug is my latest project. My mom was looking for a stylish way to cover her shoulders in the evening. She found this free pattern online. When looking at the picture and reading through the pattern it seemed like an easy project. I soon realized that there were some mistakes in the pattern that made it a challenge. Not to mention, time consuming, because of all the loose ends that needed to be sewn in from changing colors every 3 rows: one of my Grandma Gidley's favorite things to do, but not one of mine.

I haven't told my mom this, but if I would have been working on this project for myself, I would have quit. I'm glad I didn't because the end product turned out beautiful! Doesn't it look awesome on my mom!


  1. Very nice, Stacy!! Your mom is beautiful like you! :)

  2. Thanks Kenlyn! Been thinking about you. Hope you're hanging in there.